04 17 24
Eldridge St
                                                    Today is not of intersecting lines; I stop in the two-way street, cocking my head towards the sky. Today is not of preset path; I stumble in and out of doorways, blocking exits with my eyebrows. Today is not of familiar faces; if I was to hear a warm hello! while digging for my wallet, I might

65th Pl
                                                    I was wrong; I ran into a friend and forgot the reaction I planned to have. I observed some double chirper birds  jumping between each other’s backs and emitting that of an alarm muffled by steel doors. Where I walked, they conspired about the weather.

04 09 24
65th Pl
                                                  Mark point1; curve strokeA up, to the right, then sharply to the left; mark point2; curve strokeB up, to the right, then fully vertical to mark point3; pull down vertically, creating the straight strokeC (which is roughly double the distance between p1, p2, and p3) and mark point4; curve strokeD up, to the left, fusing p1 and p5; pull right with the straight strokeE (which runs perpendicular to sC and is roughly double the distance between p1 and the intersect of sC and sE) to mark point6; curve strokeF up, to the left, (to pass through sC and sE) then to the right, passing back through sE, then to the left once more, marking point7 at the first intersect of sF and sC; pull up to the right, creating the straight strokeG (which is roughly equal the distance between p1/p5 and p6, and runs parallel to the end of sF) and mark point8; pull down to the left, pass through p6, and fuse point9 to p4.